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SS Great Britain: Stanley’s Great Adventure!

Stanley’s Great Adventure!

From 4 April a new trail at the SS Great Britain will introduce families to the story of how the ship was rescued in 1970. It will tell how it traveled 8,000 miles on an extraordinary journey from the Falkland Islands back home to Bristol. Family visitors will meet some of the Falkland Island’s most distinctive residents as they follow the trail in search of missing penguin eggs.

Lifelike model penguins will signpost the route through the dockyard, and highlight key objects connected to the ship’s incredible homecoming. The SS Great Britain was sheltered in Sparrow Cove in the Falklands for 33 years, sharing the landscape with thousands of penguins. Penguin Stanley and his friends of several varieties are still being made, so here is a sneaky preview. They are being created by the same company as other characters you may recognise!

Thank you so much to our sponsors.

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