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This is not a comprehensive bibliography nor does the inclusion or exclusion of any title imply FIA endorsement or lack of it. It is designed solely to introduce readers to some of the books dealing with matters relating to the Falkland Islands. Please feel free to suggest other books relating to the Falkland Islands that you consider should be included.

Note: Many of these books may be sourced through Ian Mathieson at ‘Miles Apart’, Callender House, 90 Callender Street, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BD0 9DU: telephone 01706 826 467 his website at



Falkland Islands Journal‘: ed Jim McAdam (published annually since 1967)

‘History of the Falkland Islands: Mary Cawkell, Nelson 2001

The Falkland Islands: White Horse Of Hanover by Arthur Chatham, published by Vantage Press, ISBN 0-533-088 30-5 1990

‘The Falkland Story 1592-1982’: Mary Cawkell, Nelson 1983

The Falklands by Tony Chater, published by Penna Press.  ISBN 09504113 1 0 1983

Dictionary of Falklands Biography (including S. Georgia) from Discovery up to 1981′: ed. David Tatham, Ledbury, 2008

The Falkland Islands by Paul Morrison, published by Aston Publications ISBN 0946627 65 7 1990

‘Our Islands: Our History’ & ‘Our Islands: Our Home’: 2012 FIG Booklets obtainable from FI Government Office, Broadway, London

‘The British Government and the Falkland Islands, 1974-79’ Aaron Donaghy, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

‘Before, During and After the Falklands War’ Parts 1 & 2: Richard Stevens, Tricorn 2017

‘My Falklands Life: One Family’s Very British Adventure’: Jen Carter, Kindle Books 2017

‘Falklands Facts and Fallacies: The Falkland Islands in History and International Law’ by Graham Pascoe, Stanley Services 2020

Falklands Adventure by Andrew Coe, published by Bluebell Publishing ISBN 0-9538220-1-X 2000

The Real Live Falklands by Mollie Ridout, 1992

Wider Context

‘The Americas: History of the Hemisphere’: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2003/Phoenix 2004

‘Pink Ice: Britain and the South Atlantic Empire’: Klaus Dodds, I.B.Tauris, London 2002

‘The Storied Ice: Exploration, Discovery and Adventure in Antarctica’s Peninsular Region’: Joan Brooke, Regent Press, Berkeley, California 2011.

‘Operation Tabarin: Britain’s Secret Wartime Mission: 1944 – 46: Stephen Haddlesea with Alan Carroll, History Press 2016

‘The Disappeared: Voices from a Secret War’ about Argentina’s dirty war 1976-83 by John Simpson and Jana Bennett, Robson Books 1985

‘The Antarctic Problem: An Historical and Political Study’ by E.W. Hunter Cristie, George Allen and Unwin 1951

‘Kelpers: Ni Ingleses, Ni Argentinos’ by Natasha Niebieskikwiat, Clarin journalist, Penguin Random House 2014 (Spanish only)


‘Darwin and the Beagle’: A. Moorhead, 1969

‘The Voyage of the Beagle’: Charles Darwin, Penguin Classics 1989

‘Darwin’s Desolate Islands: A Naturalist in the Falklands: 1833 and 1834’: Patrick Armstrong, Picton Publishing 1992

1st World War

‘Falklands 1914’: Richard Hough, 2003

‘Coronel and the Falklands’: Geoffrey Bennett, Batsford 1962

‘Falklands, Jutland and the Bight’: B. Bingham, 1919

‘Coronel and Falkland’: Barrie Pitt, 1960

‘Defeat at the Falklands: Germany’s East Asia Squadron 1914’: Edwin Hoyt, 1981

‘The Scapegoat: The life and tragedy of a fighting admiral and Churchill’s role in his death Steve R. Dunn, The Book Guild 2014’

2nd World War

‘The Battle of the Plate’: A. Campbell: Herbert Jenkins, 1941

SS Great Britain

‘The Saga of the SS Great Britain’: John O’Callaghan, Rupert Hart-Davis 1971

‘The SS Great Britain’: Hugh Gregor, 1972

‘The Return of the Great Britain’: Richard Goold-Adams, 1976

‘The Great Britain’: K.T.Rowland, David & Charles 1981

‘SS Great Britain’: A. Ball & D. Wright, David & Charles 1981

Islander Way of Life and Personal Recollections

‘Falkland People’: Angela Wigglesworth, Peter Owen 1992

‘The Falklands I Knew’: Howell Evans, Nelson 2001

‘Falling off a Horse in the Falkland Islands’: E. Colgate, 2002

‘Penguin Summer’: Eleanor Rice Pettingill, 1962

‘Another Penguin Summer’: O. W. Pettingill, 1975

Old Falkland Photos compiled by Shane Wolsely, published by Peregrine Publishing, ISBN 1873406 00 2 1990

‘Falkland Islands Interlude’: Tom Beaty, Antony Nelson 1991

‘Falkland Island Shores’: Ewen Southby-Tailyour, Conway Maritime 1985

‘Falkland Scapes’: Tony Chater, 2008

‘Falkland Rural Heritage’: Joan Spruce and Natalie Smith, Falkland Publications 2019 (obtainable in the UK from

‘A Little Piece of England: My Adventures as Chief Executive of the Falkland Islands: Andrew Gurr, 2001

Atmosphere by Ian and Georgina Strange 2005

‘In the Shadow of Shackleton’s Cross: An Antarctic Memoir’ Beverley McLeod, Orion Trading Co., 2014

‘An Historical Scrapbook of Stanley – From Moody Brook to the Billy Rocks’ John Smith, FIC Ltd. Stanley, 2013

Bridget’s Book Memories of a Falklands Childhood by Bridget Blake, published by Henry Ling Ltd. At Dorset Press,

ISBN 0 9538 1 92 1 3 

To The Falklands At The Toss Of A Coin by Brian Wilde, published by Author House, ISBN 978-1-4343-9914-4sd 2008

Uniquely Falklands by Andy Jackman, Dan Bernard, and Gail Baird, published by Tricon Books, ISBN 978 1 909660 38 0 2014

Land Rovers of the Falkland Islands by Jean and Denis Crankshaw, ISBN 978-0-9952138-0-7 2016


‘Falkland Islands Economic Study’: Lord Shackleton, HMSO 1982

‘Economic Survey of the Falkland Islands’: Lord Shackleton, Economic Intelligence Unit, 1976

‘Falkland Islands: Offshore Geology and Exploration’: Phil Richards, Edinburgh 2003

‘The Future of the Falkland Islands and its People’: L. Ivanov, Double T Publications 2003



‘The Falkland Islands and their Natural History’: Ian Strange, David & Charles 1987

‘A Field Guide to the Wildlife of the Falkland Islands and S. Georgia’: Ian Strange, Harper Collins 1992

‘Birds and Mammals of the Falkland Islands: Robin Wood, Wild Guides 2006

‘The Unspoilt Beauty of the Falkland Islands’: Algernon Asprey, 1988

The Falkland Islands Between The Wind And The Sea by Kevin Schafer, published by Coach House Publications Ltd,

ISBN 1-899-392=262 2003

‘Visions of the Falkland Islands’ by Julie Halliday, published in the Falkland Islands by Studio 52, 2020


‘Birds of the Falklands’: Robin Woods, Nelson 1975

‘Guide to the Birds of the Falklands’: Robin Woods, Nelson 1988

‘Atlas of the Breeding Birds of the Falklands’: Robin & Anne Woods, Antony Nelson 1997

‘Important Bird Areas of the Falkland Islands: Falklands Conservation, 2006


‘The Falkland Islands Freshwater Fishes: A Natural History: R McDowell, Falklands Conservation 2005


‘Field Guide to the Plants of the Falkland Islands’ edited by Colin Clubbe, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew 2019

‘Plants of the Falkland islands’: Ali Liddle, Falklands Conservation 2007

‘The Flowering Plants of the Falklands Islands’, Robin Wood

‘Wild Flowers of the Falkland Islands’: T. Davies & J McAdam, 1989


‘Specialised Stamp Catalogue of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies’: Stefan Heijtz, 6th edition 2013

‘The Postal History of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies’: E.B. Proud, 2006

‘Postcards of the Falkland Islands: A Catalogue: 1900-1950’: Henry Heyburn, Picton Publishing, 1985


‘Churches of the S Atlantic Islands 1502- 1991’: Edward Cannan, Anthony Nelson 1992



‘Fight for Falklands Freedom’: Harold Briley 2022 

‘Conflict in the South Atlantic 1981-84: Vol XIII of Foreign Relations of the United States: history of US policy towards the Falklands conflict compiled by Alexander Wieland from official US records, published 2015

‘Falklands War 1982: Osprey’s Guide’: Duncan Anderson, Osprey Publishing 2014

One Man’s War Photos by Paul RG Haley, published by Blurb Books’A South American War: Behind the Scenes in the Fight for the Falklands’ Jeremy Brown, Book Guild Ltd, 2013

Three Days In June by James O’Connell.  ISBN 9780992631604 (3 Para) 2013 

The Falklands War Then And Now edited by Gordon Ramsey, published by Battle of Britain International Ltd.  ISBN 1-870067-71-1 2009

‘Forgotten Voices of the Falklands’: Hugh McManners, Ebury Press London 2007

‘The Official History of the Falklands Campaign, Vols 1 & 2’: Lawrence Freedman, Routledge 2007

‘Victory in the Falklands’: Nicholas van der Bijl, 2007

‘The Falklands Conflict Twenty Years On Lessons for the Future: Mark Grove, 2005

‘The Falklands War’ David George Boyce, 2005

‘Memories of the Falklands’: Iain Dale, Politicos London 2002

‘Signals of War: The Falklands Conflict’: Lawrence Freedman & Virginia Gamba-Stonehouse, Faber & Faber 1990

‘Falklands Military Machine’: Derek Oakley, Ravelin 1989

‘The Little Platoon: Diplomacy and the Falkland Islands’: Michael Charlton, Blackwell 1989

‘The Falkland Islands as an International Problem’: Peter Beck, Routledge 1988

The Land That Lost Its Heroes by Jimmy Burns, published by Bloomsbury.  ISBN 0-7475-0002-9 1987

The Falklands The Aftermath published by Marshall Cavendish Book Ltd.  ISBN 0 86307 202 1985

‘Operation Corporate: The Story of the Falklands War 1982’: Martin Middlebrook, Viking 1985

‘The Battle for the Falklands’: Max Hastings & Simon Jenkins, Michael Joseph 1983

‘Britain and the Falklands War’: Lawrence Freedman, 1988’Franks Report: Report of a Committee of Privy Counsellors’: HMSO 1983

Channel Four The Falklands War by Denys Blakeway, published by Sidgwick and Johnsons Ltd.  ISBN 0-283-06101-4 1982

The Falklands War, The Full Story by the Sunday Times Insight Team, published by Andre Deutsch.  ISBN 0 233 97515 2 1982

War In The Falklands, The Campaign In Pictures by The Sunday Express Magazine Team, published by Book Club Associates by arrangement with George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd.  CN 4799 1982

Political Memoirs & Biographies

‘The Shadow of My Hand’ by Alun Chalfont, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2000

‘The Downing Street Years’: Margaret Thatcher, Harper Collins 1993

‘Margaret Thatcher: The Authorised Biography Volume 1: Not for Turning’: Charles Moore, Allen Lane 2013

‘My Falkland Days’: Rex Hunt, David & Charles 1992/2002

Power and Pragmatism’ by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Biteback Publishing 2016

‘Reflect on Things Past: Peter Carrington, Harper Collins 1988

‘Ringing the Changes’: Richard Luce, Michael Russell 2007

‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Recollections of an Errant Politician’: John Nott, Politicos 2003

‘Politics of Consent’: Francis Pym, Hamilton 1984

‘Time and Chance’: James Callaghan, Harper Collins 1987

‘The Time of My Life’: Denis Healey, Michael Joseph 1989

‘Time to Declare’: David Owen, Michael Joseph 1991

‘Right at the Centre’: Cecil Parkinson, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1992

‘Mandarin: Diaries of an Ambassador’: Nicholas Henderson, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1994

‘The Falklands Crisis in the UN’: Anthony Parsons, International Affairs Volume 59 (No. 2) 1983

‘Fighting for Peace: 7 Critical Years at the Pentagon’: Caspar Weinberger, 1990

‘Caveat’: Alexander Haig, Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1984

‘One Man’s Falklands’: Tam Dalyell MP, C Woolf, London 1982

‘Below the Parapet: Biography of Denis Thatcher’: Carol Thatcher, Harper Collins 1996

‘Diaries: Into Politics’: Alan Clark, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2000

‘Conflict of Loyalty’ by Geoffrey Howe, McMillan 1994

Islander Recollections

The Other Side Of The Falklands by R.M. Edwards, published by Howden Press Services, ISBN 0 9522041 0 X 1993

’74 Days: An Islander’s Diary of the Falklands’ Occupation’: John Smith, Century Publishing 1984/2002

‘Falkland Islanders at War’: Graham Bound, Pen & Sword 2002/Leo Cooper 2002/2006

‘Invasion 1982: The Falkland Islanders’ Story’ by Graham Bound, Pen & Sword 2008 (paperback 2016)

‘Fortress Falklands’: Graham Bound, 2012

‘A Falkland Islander till I Die’: Terence Betts, Book Guild, Lewes 2004

‘Waking up to War’: Lisa Watson, Stanley 2010

‘Before, During and After the Falklands War’ Parts 1 & 2: Richard Stevens, Tricorn 2017


Some Account Of The Falkland Islands from six months residence in 1838 and 1839 by Laughlan Bellingham Mackinnon 2016

‘Endure no Makeshifts’: Henry Leach, Leo Cooper 1993

‘One Hundred Days’: Sandy Woodward & Patrick Robinson, Harper Collins 1992/1997

‘The Royal Navy and the Falklands War: David Brown, Leo Cooper 1987

‘Amphibious Assault Falklands: The Battle of San Carlos Water’: Michael Clapp & Ewen Southby-Taylour, Leo Cooper, London 1996/Orion 1997

‘Beyond Endurance: An Epic of Whitehall and the South Atlantic’: Nicholas Barker, Leo Cooper 2002

The Falklands And The Dwarf by C.H. Layman and Jane Cameron, published by Picton Publishing, ISBN 0 0948251 76 X 2010

‘Four Weeks in May: A Captain’s Story of War at Sea: David Hart Dyke, Atlantic Books, 2007

‘Through Fire and Water: HMS Ardent: the Forgotten Frigate of the Falklands’: Mark Higgitt, Mainstream Publishing 2001/2007

‘Bomb Alley, Falkland Islands 1982: Aboard HMS Antrim at War’: David Yates

‘Ordeal by Exocet: HMS Glamorgan and the Falklands War 1982’: Ian Inskip, 2002

‘Falklands: Voyage to War’ on HMS Illustrious: James Barrington, Endeavour Press 2012

‘Thatcher’s Torpedo: Sinking of the Belgrano’: Tam Dalyell MP, C Woolf, London 1984

‘The Sinking of the Belgrano’: Arthur Gavshon & Desmond Rice, Secker & Warburg, 1984

‘The Right to Know: the Inside Story of the Belgrano’: Clive Ponting, Sphere 1985

‘Sink the Belgrano’: Mike Rossiter, Bantam Press 2007

‘Secrets of the Conqueror: The Untold Story of Britain’s Most Famous Submarine’ by Stuart Prebble, Faber & Faber 2012, paperback 2013

‘The Silent Deep: The Royal Navy Submarine Service since 1945’: James Jinks & Peter Hennessy, Allen Lane 2015 – see chapter on Falklands conflict

Merchant Navy

‘A Very Strange Way to Go to War: the Canberra in the Falklands’ by Andrew Vine, Aurum Press 2012, reprinted in paperback 2014

‘They couldn’t have done it without us: The Merchant Navy in the Falklands War: John Johnson-Allen, Seafarer Books, 2011

The Wreck Of The Isabella by David Miller, published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd. ISBN 0 85052 4 56 3 1995

‘Merchant Ships at War: The Falklands Experience’: Roger Villar, Lloyds of London Press 1984


‘The Falklands War: There and Back Again: The Story of Naval Party 8901’ by Mike Norman & Michael Jones, Pen & Sword 2019

The First Casualty by Ricky D. Phillips, published by Beic Books.  ISBN 978-1-5272-0722-6 2018

Royal Marine Commandos In The Falklands War by Andrew Lane with the Royal Marine Museum.  ISBN 1-84114-053-8 2000

‘Falklands Commando’: Hugh McManus, William Kinber, 1984

‘Reasons In Writing: A Commando’s View of the Falklands War’: Ewen Southby-Taylour, Leo Cooper 1993

‘March to the S. Atlantic: 42 Commando Royal Marines in the Falklands War’: Nick Vaux, Buchan & Enright, London 1986

‘Royal Marine Commandos in the Falklands War’: Andrew Lane, Tiverton 2000


Our Boys: The Story of a Paratrooper’: Helen Parr: Penguin Books Allen Lane: 2018′

‘2 Para’s Battle for Darwin and Goose Green’: David Kenny 2012

That For A Game Of Soldiers by Mark Elyes-Thomas,  published by Kenton Publishing.  ISBN  978-0-9546223-2-9 (3 Para) 2007

The Falklands Hero Ian McKay, The Last VC Of The 20th Century by Francis MacKay with Jon Cooksey, published by Pen-and-Sward.  ISBN 184415515-3 (3 Para) 2007

‘3 Para Mount Longdon: The Bloodiest Battle’: John Cookley, Barnsley, 2004

‘Goose Green’: Mark Adkin, 2003

‘5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands, 1982’: Nicholas van der Bijl, 2003

‘With the Gurkhas in the Falklands’: Mike Seear, Barnsley 2003

‘H Jones VC: The Life and Death of an Unusual Hero’: John Wilsey, Hutchinson 2002

‘With 3 Para to the Falklands’: Graham Colbeck, Greenhill Books 2002

‘No Picnic’: Julian Thompson, Cassel 2001

‘Not Mentioned in Despatches: the History and Mythology of Goose Green’: Spencer Fitz-Gibbon, Lutterworth Press, Cambridge 2001

‘Nine Battles to Stanley’: Nicholas van der Bijl, Leo Cooper 1999

‘Green-Eyed Boys: 3 Para and the Battle for Mt. Longdon’: Christian Jennings & Adrian Weale, Harper Collins 1996

‘Going Back: Return to the Falklands’: Simon Weston, Bloomsbury 1992

‘Walking Tall’: Simon Weston, Bloomsbury 1989

Tumbledown: When the Fighting is Over’: John & Robert Lawrence, Bloomsbury 1988

‘2 Para Falklands: the Battalion at War’: John Frost, Buchan/Sphere 1983


‘Vulcan 607’: Rowland White, Bantam Press 2006; also published in paperback by Corgi Press in 2007/2012

‘RAF Harrier Ground Attack: Falklands’: Jerry Pook, 2008

‘Hostile Skies: the Battle for the Falklands’ David Morgan, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2006, also in paperback Phoenix Orion Books 2007

‘Sea Harrier over the Falklands’: Nigel Ward, Cassel 1992/2003

‘Falklands Air War’: Chris Hobson, Andrew Noble 2002

Air War South Atlantic by Jeffrey Ethell and Allred Price, published by Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd.  ISBN 0-283-99035-X 1983

Special Forces

Across An Angry Sea The SAS In The Falklands War by Cedric Delves, published by Hurst.  ISBN  978-1-78738-112-4 2018

‘SBS: the Inside Story’: John Parker 1997

‘Looking for Trouble’: Peter de la Billere, 1994

‘Ghost Force: the Secret History of the SAS’: Ken Connor, 2002

‘Exocet Falklands: The untold story of Special Forces Operations’ Ewen Southby-Tailyour, Pen and Sword Books, 2014

‘Special Forces Pilot’ Richard Hutchings, Pen & Sword Aviation 2008, reprinted in paperback 2014

‘Across An Angry Sea: The SAS in the Falklands War: General Cedric Delves: Hurst Publishers: 2018


‘The Secret War for the Falklands: the SAS, MI6 and the war that Whitehall nearly lost’: Nigel West, Little Brown & Co, London 1997

‘Razor’s Edge: the Unofficial History of the Falklands War: Hugh Bicheno, 2006

‘The Silent Listener: Falklands 1982’: David Thorp, Spellmount 2011

‘My Secret Falklands War’: Sidney Edwards, Book Guild 2014.


‘The Red and Green Life Machine: A Diary of the Falklands Field Hospital’: Rick Jolly, Century Publishing 1983/ 2007; also published in paperback as “Doctor for Friend and Foe” by Conway Publishing 2012

‘White Ship: Red Crosses: A Nursing Memoir: Nicci Pugh, Melrose Books 2010


‘Logistics in the Falklands War: Kenneth Privatsky, Pen & Sword 2014


‘Journalists at War’: David Morrison & Howard Tumber, 1988

‘The Media and the Falklands Campaign’: Valerie Adams, 1986

‘Eyewitness Falklands: A Personal Account’: Robert Fox, Methuen 1982

‘Gotcha! The Media, the Government and the Falklands Crisis’: Robert Harris, Faber 1983

‘The Falklands War: Myth and Counter-myth’: David Morgan, Macmillan Press 1998


The Voyages Of The Penelope by Roberto Herrscher, translated by John A. T. Fowler published by SUD POL.  ISBN 978-987-24524-7-6 (possibly Merchant Navy but she was requisitioned here by the Argentines) 2011

‘The Fight for the Malvinas’: Martin Middlebrook, Viking 1989

‘The Fight for the Malvinas: the Argentine Forces in the Falklands War: Martin Middlebrook, Viking 1989

‘The Argentine Fight for the Falklands’: Martin Middlebrook, 2003

‘The Land that Lost its Heroes: How Argentina Lost the Falklands’: Jimmy Burns, 2002


Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton published by Corgi Books, ISBN 978-0-552-16639-3  2015

Skeletons For Sadness by Ewan Southby-Tailyour, published by Seafarer Books, ISBN 978-1-57409-260-8 2007

Penguins and Seashore Friends by Dolly Penguin, published by The Print Shop, Oban, Argyll 1960


‘Falklands War Poetry Anthology: edited by David Roberts, Saxon Books 2012

Stanley Seasons and Other Poems by R.J. Poole published by Arthur H Stockwell Ltd., ISBN 7223 0550-8

South Atlantic Islands

Empire by Jon Tonks, published by David Lewis Printing, ISBN 978-1-907873-49-0 2014

South Georgia

‘Operation Paraquat’: Roger Perkins, Picton Publishing, Chippenham 1986

‘Taxi to the Snow Line’: Guy Sheridan, White Peak Publishing 2006

‘Down South: A Falklands War Diary’: Chris Parry, Penguin 2012

‘Survival: South Atlantic’: Cindy Buxton & Annie Price, Granada Publishing, London 1983

Falkland Conflict Aftermath

‘Picking up the Pieces: the Falklands Aftermath’: Edward Fursden, Leo Cooper 1998


‘An Ungentlemanly Act’ starring Ian Richardson, Prism 2003

‘The Falklands Play’ starring Patricia Hodge and Ian Curteis, BBC

‘Tumbledown’ starring Colin Firth and by Charles Wood, BBC

‘La Guerra de Malvinas’ by Roman Lejtman

‘Falklands: The Islanders’ War’: 30th anniversary 2 DVD boxed set 2012

‘Falklands war Poetry’: ed David Roberts

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