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Artists & Photographers

Grizelda Cockwell is a painter who produces work mainly on Falklands-related themes, in oils, pastels, and drawing media. She has exhibited in Stanley, Falkland Islands, and in FIGO in London.

She has lived on West Falkland for over 40 years and draws inspiration from the scenery, farming life including animals, and mainly from the beautiful clear light. Inquiries to or go to her website to view her work.

Norman Clark BEM, Photographer: Following a career in the Royal Marines, where he specialised as a photographer, he moved to the Falkland Islands with his family where he has lived for many years. During the intervening years, he has published Falkland related events in most of the UK national newspapers and magazines, as well as being the official photographer for some seven Royal Visits. He provided a large Panoramic backdrop for the Imperial War Museum’s 25th.Anniversary of the Falkland’s War exhibition, along with contributing a Panorama and other images to Pangbourne Chapel. He has just published a book ” Maggie ” which records the 1992 visit to the Falkland Islands by Baroness Thatcher. Norman’s website attempts to showcase the varied aspects of the Falkland Islands and can be found at

Christine L. Sargent: Christine is a Trinidadian who has lived in the Falkland Islands for the past six years. She is endlessly captivated by the Islands’ rugged exquisiteness. The compelling wildlife and landscapes fire her imagination, and Christine lovingly captures them in watercolor paintings.

As an artist, she is living her dream – immortalizing the beauty of an unparalleled natural world. Her watercolour technique ranges from powerful minimalist explorations to Sfumato-type landscapes which render the hazy, atmospheric essence of the Falkland Islands.

Calling Port Stanley

To see more of Christine’s artwork, please follow the link to ‘Watercolour by Christine’: to contact her, you can either message her at the above page or email

Christine lives with Ian Sargent, her husband, and their two pets – Shadow the cat, and Shade the dog. In 2018, the family settled permanently in the Falkland Islands. She dubs Ian as her fiercest art critic who helps her to continually develop her talent to the next level. She is grateful to him for supporting her creative passion and to the universe’s gift of the Islands’ splendor. Her goal is to keep aspiring to new heights in the world of watercolors.

Molly A Sheridan: Molly was born in England and studied Art and Design at Edinburgh University from 1969 to 1973.She lived and travelled extensively in Iran and Zimbabwe and now lives in the French Pyrenees. She was awarded a Shackleton Scholarship in 2002 to paint in South Georgia following which she held exhibitions of her work in the Falkland Islands and the Scott Polar Institute, Cambridge. Her book “An Artist in South Georgia” is available through the on-line shop at: and a variety of her work can be seen on her website at:

Julie Halliday: I have always had a love and passion for photography and design, and continually strive to make images that aspire to be works of art. I love the Falklands landscape and the small things that make the Falklands so unique. I have worked in the design and advertising industry in Canada and New Zealand, gaining a Diploma in Graphic Design and Photography in New Zealand in 1989. I settled in the Falkland Islands in 2001 and live with my husband and now three of our four children. I opened Studio 52 in Stanley in July 2006 to showcase my landscape photography and design creations. I have recently been using my design skills to create many different products from illustrated tea towels, bags, and wine charms to hand-made natural soaps, body lotions, and skincare products. I have also gained a Diploma in creating metal clay jewelry and try to find time to create unique pieces of jewelry using the Falklands environment for inspiration. I am incredibly lucky in the Falklands, I don’t have to go too far from home to be inspired.




Ian J. Strange (20 July 1934 – 30 September 2018) was a resident of the Falkland Islands for over 50 years pursuing a career as a free-lance naturalist, wildlife artist, photographer, stamp designer, and author. His art and photographs were exhibited in London, New York, Japan, and Buenos Aires. He authored ten books of which four have been published by Design in Nature a design and publishing house established by his daughter and self. 

An important aspect of his work was wildlife conservation and to further this work he established a reserve on New Island and formed the New Island Conservation Trust to ensure the island remained a reserve in perpetuity. His work as a naturalist on this island and elsewhere in the islands was the raw material and inspiration for all his forms of art. His art extends to portrait photography, acclaimed by many critics as equal or better than many well known society photographers.  


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