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SS Great Britain 50th Anniversary Photographic Exhibition

This photographic exhibition has just opened in the public Brunel Square on the Bristol Harbourside.  It is a major part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the return of the SS Great Britain from the Falkland Islands to Bristol.
It is so sad that the Coronavirus pandemic has closed the museum.

At least people can see these amazing images of the salvage and of the modern Falkland Islands as they take their exercise by the river and still stay safe.

Michael Betts and Mathew Ware from Falkland Islands Government office, Bev Verwoert, Beverley McLeod ,Peter Johnson and Deborah Northwood from the Falkland Islands Association, and Dr Kate Rambridge and Paul Chibeba from the SS Great Britain, were instrumental in creating these fabulous images, so a massive ” thank you” to them.

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