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Mandatory Patriotism: Another Argentine Nonsense

The Malvinas March –

The Argentine Province of Salta in the far north-west of the country has enacted a law requiring the singing of the ‘Malvinas March’ after the Argentine National Anthem in schools and at military and civilian events.  The song was published in 1940 following a competition organised by the so-called ‘Junta de Recuperacion de las Malvinas’ and is now frequently sung at demonstrations in Argentina to assert Argentina’s sovereignty claim to the Falkland Islands.

The Salta legislation provoked some opposition in the province by those who criticised its ‘mandatory patriotism’.

It shows up the Argentine Government’s efforts to keep its claim to the Falkland Islands in continuous national view at all levels of society.  But as a political gesture, it is up there with the Argentine 50 peso bank-note as a piece of risible, inconsequential nonsense.

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