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BBC2’s “An Island Parish” Programme Features Life and Wildlife in the Falkland Islands

BBC2’s ‘An Island Parish’ series will feature the Falklands over 8 episodes starting in January. The programme editors joined up with the Falkland Islands Government to stage an advance screening of excerpts from the series to an invited audience in London on 9 December. The programmes will focus on the pastoral work of the Revd. Dr Richard Hines, then Rector of Stanley Cathedral, within what is the largest and most far-flung parish in the Anglican church. The short 20 minute screening showed the stunning scenic beauty of the Falkland Islands and the variety and vibrancy of its wild life. But the programmes will focus more on the people in the Falklands and its community life. For those who have left the Falklands, there were many nostalgic moments as places and people were recognised. Filming lasted over many months and the technical quality of the camera work is stupendous. There was a question and answer session after the screening with Richard Hines, former Governor Nigel Haywood and members of the BBC team. It is clear from the response of the audience that the series will generate much interest.
The series will show the realities of modern-day life in the Falklands and do much to raise the Falklands’ profile in the UK. It will certainly show how the Falklands have developed since the 1982 conflict and hopefully change some of the misconceptions of people who view the Islands solely through the perspective of 1982. It would be good if the series was dubbed into Spanish and promoted in Argentina and other South American countries.
We encourage everyone to watch the series. The programmes will be a good antidote to Argentine propaganda.

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