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Argentina’s Call for Dialogue: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Readers might be interested to see the Falkland Islands Government response to the recent article in the Washington-based Huffington Post by the Argentine Ambassador to the US, in which Ms Cecilia Nahon repeats the Argentine Government’s plea for dialogue with the UK Government on the issue of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands – [see see links below].
Tellingly, Jan Cheek, MLA, points out that, since 1994, the Argentine Constitution has stated that the recovery of the Falkland Islands and the full exercise of sovereignty constitutes the ‘permanent and unrelinquishable goal of the Argentine people’. So the plea for ‘dialogue’ really means ‘deliver the Falklands to us’. Jan Cheek’s conclusion is that ‘Argentina’s disingenuous call for dialogue is in reality a call to colonise our country, seize our natural resources and deny our right to self-determination’.
Well said, Jan – and take note Jeremy Corbyn!

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