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Argentina: Military Support From Israel in 1982

Newly declassified files from the National Archives in Kew reveal that Israel supplied significant weaponry including strike aircraft to the Argentine Junta in the run-up to, and during, the 1982 conflict.  The files show that Israel provided, via Peru, air-to-air missiles, missile radar a...

Updated : 31st August 2016

Prime Minister's message misinterpreted in Argentina

The Prime Minister’s message on flights and the removal of Argentine restrictions on the hydrocarbons industry in the Falkland Islands – see previous news item - has been misinterpreted by the Argentine media, requiring a robust rebuttal by the Falkland Islands Government (FIG).  ...

Updated : 14th August 2016

UK / Argentina: Prime Minister raises flights and hydrocarbons:

In one of her first contacts with President Macri of Argentina, Theresa May has raised the issue of air links between the Falkland Islands and third countries in the region and the lifting of Argentina’s restrictive measures affecting the development of a hydroc...

Updated : 14th August 2016

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