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Falkland Islands: Change of Governor: 2017

Nigel Phillips CBE has been appointed to succeed Colin Roberts CVO as Governor the Falkland Islands in September. Colin Roberts had to leave Stanley unexpectedly in May for medical reasons but, happily, is well enough to return to Stanley for a farewell parade on 16 July. There will be criticism f...

Updated : 11th July 2017

Argentine Elections 2017: An Initial Overview

Election fever begins to heat up in Argentina as Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner returns to the fray. The mid-term elections in October, preceded by the August primaries, will be a real test of President Macri’s popularity. His economic policies have yet to attract the international investment ne...

Updated : 11th July 2017

UN Decolonisation Committee meets in New York: June 2017

MLAs Ian Hansen and Mike Summers, representing the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) at the UN Decolonisation Committee (C24) meeting in New York in June, roundly condemned Argentina for its economic sanctions against the Falkland Islands, which amounted to "pure, raw economic colonialism”, and ...

Updated : 4th July 2017

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