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Wreath Laying on Sunday 12th November 2017

Wreath Laying on Sunday 12th November 2017  The fore-runner to the Falkland Islands Association - the Falkland Islands Emergency Committee was set up in the UK in the 1960s to...

Updated : 12th November 2017

Falkland Islands: General Election 2017

The elections to the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly on 9 November have resulted in a healthy mix of experience and relative youth. Four members of long service stood down. Three old hands were returned and five newcomers elected. The previous decision to make the positions full-time and pro...

Updated : 12th November 2017

Argentine Mid-Term Elections: 22 October 2017: Results

Argentina’s mid-term elections were widely seen as a test of President Macri’s popularity. He will have been pleased with the outcome. His coalition group – ‘Cambiemos’ (or ‘Let’s Change’) – gained the most votes of any party overall and won in the ‘Big Five’ Provinces – th...

Updated : 24th October 2017

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