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Argentine Warning on Second Flight Proposal - 31 January 2017

An Argentine Congressional delegation, visiting the UK under Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) auspices, reportedly warned FCO Minister, Sir Alan Duncan, that any proposal to set up a second scheduled flight between S. America and the Falkland Islands would have to be approved by Congress before it ...

Updated : 9th February 2017

CIA’s ‘Solution to the Falkland Islands Crisis’: 1982 Memorandum

A recently released CIA document from 1982 suggested that Falkland Islanders be offered sizeable relocation grants to leave the Falklands or accept Argentine rule after a three year transition period. But the Task Force was already on its way. Classified US papers released in January 2017 in...

Updated : 1st February 2017

De-Mining: Continued Progress

Summary The UK Government has committed a significant increase in funding to ensure that the UK’s commitment to clear the mines laid by the Argentine forces in the Falkland Islands in 1982 is achieved.  The UK Government has committed a further £2...

Updated : 1st February 2017

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