2014: Minutes



9th December 2014 




The AGM was held in the Parker Morris Hall at The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU. Thirty members were in attendance when the Chairman, Mr Alan Huckle, opened the meeting and welcomed members together with Ms Sukey Cameron, Falkland Islands Government Representative in London and Mr Roger Edwards, MLA, from the Falkland Islands Government. 


1. Apologies for absence were received from Mrs J S Smith, Mr A H Martin, Dr and Mrs Langridge, Mr H Robinson, Mrs E MacLeod, Mr W L Banks, Mr T B H Rose, Mr P Stevens, Mr A Almond, Mr P Blomfield, Mr M Sterba, Mr & Mrs M Jones, Mr M G Fiddes, Mr M J Bedford, Ms E Turner, Mr J Hatchman, Mr David Tatham, Col M Bowles, Mr & Mrs M Reed, Mr S Pitaluga, Mr A Rosindell MP, Mr & Mrs Trevaskis, Mr and Mrs Doble and Mr R Wager. 

2. The Chairman presented the Annual Report of the Executive Committee (copy attached at appendix A). Approval of the report was proposed by Mr T Johnson and was agreed nem con. 

3. The Treasurer, Mr James Wallace, presented the Financial Report for the year ending 31st March 2014 (copy attached at Appendix B). Acceptance was proposed by Major Dalzel-Job, seconded by Mr P Martinez and agreed nem con. 

4. The Chairman then invited the Hon Roger Edwards MLA to address the meeting. 

Mr Edwards apologised for having to leave the meeting early as he was attending a preview of the BBC programme "An Island Parish” that had been filmed in the Islands and was due to be broadcast early in 2015. Referring to the service at St Martin-in-the-Fields he said it was poignant that the White Ensign and standard of the German Armed Forces lay together on the altar emphasising that we are now friends and wished that Argentine/Falkland Islands could similarly be allied. The latest move by the Argentine Government was to insist that the slogan "Las Malvinas son Argentinas” be placed on all public transport vehicles and they continued to be aggressive towards fishing operations and oil development. Premier Oil had downsized their operations in the Sea Lion Field as a result of the drop in oil prices. This could affect development but he still hoped that oil would be brought to the surface by 2019. 

The economy was sustainable and even without oil will be sustainable. There had been a problem with recruitment of medical staff sufficiently qualified to cope with the needs of the Islanders and negotiations were under way with Canada as a source of such staff. The schools are developing well and Mr Tom Hills will take over the post of Director of Education at Easter 2015 and he has previous experience of teaching in the Islands. A new Children’s Bill will address the problem of child abuse and new Crime Bill will bring the criminal law up to date. The Maritime Law is being revised and he thanked the CPS Gillian T?????? for help in dealing with the new law. 

He thanked the FIA for an impressive service at St Martin-in-the-Fields. He thanked the Armed Services for their support in the Islands. He said that this was still needed as they had to be especially aware as the Presidency of Christina de Kirchner comes to an end. 

5. Election of Officers 

Mr P Martinez proposed that Mr Alan Huckle be elected as Chairman for the coming year, seconded by Mr P Johnson and agreed nem com. Mr Martinez proposed that Mr Saul Pitaluga be elected as Vice-Chairman and Mr Colin Wright be elected as Honorary Secretary, Mr James Wallace be elected as Hon Treasurer and Mrs Sharon Jaffray be elected as Honorary Editor of the Association’s Newsletter. Seconded by Mr P Johnson and agreed nem con. 

6. Election of Executive Committee 

The Chairman proposed that Mr D G Ainslie, Air Commodore P Johnson, Mr M Jones, The Hon A. Shackleton, Mr R Wager, Col. M Bowles and Mr P Martinez be re-elected as members of the Committee and this was agreed nem con. 

He also proposed that Mrs B McLeod, Mrs Nina Ashton and Mr S Wiggins be elected as new members of the Committee and this was agreed nem con. 

7. Mr James Wallace proposed that Mr Paul Freer be appointed as Honorary Inspector and this was agreed nem con. 

8. No award had been made of the Bill Hunter-Christie Memorial Prize in 2014. 

9. Any other business: 

a) The attempts by Argentina to involve the Pope in the sovereignty dispute was discussed and it was noted that the President had met the Pope. The Argentine Ambassodor to the UK had also attempted to see the Pope but had only met officials. 

b) Caution was advocated in the use of the social programmes Twitter and Facebook as these were exposed to abuse. 

c) The case of Gordon Hoggan, a former soldier with the Scots Guards was discussed. It seemed unlikely that the account presented by Hoggan was true and it was hoped that he would accept the offer of counselling to help him.