This page contains obituaries (or links to published obituaries) of key figures significant to the Falkland Islands from recent history. It is a selective list, which does not seek to be comprehensive or authoritative. The obituaries naturally focus on a person's influence on events relevant to the Falkland Islands rather than the person's whole career. If readers consider that obituaries for other people should be included, please let us know. Equally, if readers think that an obituary needs to be corrected, amended or expanded in any way, again please contact us.

The obituaries relate to people who have died since the 1982 Conflict. The list does not attempt to duplicate the entries in David Tatham's 'Dictionary of Falklands Biography' which cover personalities involved in events before the 1982 Conflict and not afterwards - see - but when a public figure with an entry in the 'Dictionary' dies, an obituary notice with a link to 'Dictionary' biography may be included.

The obituaries are listed alphabetically by surname rather than by category.

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