Key Documents

This section contains both recent and historical documents. In the Historical section the documents, other than the 1771 Agreement with Spain, relate to agreements between Argentina and the United Kingdom concerning the Falkland Islands. Many of these Agreements are no longer honoured by Argentina.

The documents are listed below and the link will take you to a copy or an extract from the document.


The Falkland Islands Constitution of 2008:


Falkland Islands Legislation:


  1. The 2001 Environment Charter:
  2. Falkland Islands State of the Economy Report of March 2015: Click here
  3. Falkland Islands Census 2012:
  4. Falkland Islands Census 2016:


  1. The 1771 Agreement between the United Kingdom and Spain - click here
  2. The 1971 Communications Agreement - click here
  3. The 1974 Petroleum Products Agreement - click here
  4. The 1989 Agreement on the Sovereignty Umbrella - click here
  5. The 1990 Joint Statement on the Re-establishment of Diplomatic Relations (15th February) - click here
  6. The 1990 Fisheries Agreement (November) - click here
  7. The 1995 Agreement on Offshore Activities - click here
  8. The 1999 Joint Statement - click here
  9. The 2001 Flights and Navigation Agreement - click here
  10. The 2001 Agreement on Mine Clearance Study - click here
  11. UK/Argentina Joint Communique – 13 September 2016 click here

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