Dr. Emma Brook

Emma is a 6th generation Falkland Islander, born to Norma and Roger Edwards, in Portsmouth in 1971. Her first trip to the Islands was at the age of 2, whilst her father was serving on board HMS Endurance. They returned as a family in January 1983 and her parents bought part of Fox Bay West in 1985. Before going to Peter Symonds College in Winchester, she worked as a knitter in the woollen mill at Fox Bay.
After her A Levels, she went to Queen's University Belfast and studied Geology, then returned to the Islands working for the Falkland Islands Government at their Junior Geologist and mapped the islands geology. After the mapping project was complete she returned to the UK and studied for a Masters Degree in Petroleum Geology, graduating the year the oil price crashed, so returned to the Islands and worked at FIDC looking at the economic geology potential onshore, before joining Cable & Wireless as their Customer Service Manager. During this period she started working on Antarctic Cruise ships as part of their expedition team, lecturing on the geology and driving zodiacs through the ice.
She realised she wanted to use her degree, so retrained at Exeter University, to become a Geography Secondary school teacher. She has been a reserve Police Officer for over 18 years and plans to retire from this in mid 2017. She also stood for election in 2009 and was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Stanley. Today she works as the College Development Manager at the Training Centre, delivering a variety of training programmes to FIG staff and members of the public of all ages. She loves the Falklands and the natural history of the Islands and enjoys passing on her knowledge to visitors.

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