Treasurer: Gerald Cheek

Gerald was born in 1941 and his father at that time was employed at Hill Cove. In 1946 the family moved to Stanley and Gerald has lived there ever since. AT the completion of his education at the Senior School he commenced work for FIG at the Power Station as an apprentice electrician and remained working there until 1976 when he secured the new post of trainee air traffic controller in preparation for working at Stanley Airport, which was opened for operations in 1977. He spent most of 1976 training with the Civil Aviation Department in England.

Following his final 21 years working for FIG as the Director of Civil Aviation he retired in 2011 and since then has been working as a tour guide.

He joined the Falkland Islands Committee when it was originally formed in 1968 and has remained as a member ever since. During the Argentine occupation of the Islands he, together with other Islanders, including Velma Malcolm also a member of the Committee was arrested by the Argentine Military Police and transported to Fox Bay East, where there were several hundred Argentine troops stationed, and was retained there until the Argentine surrender.

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