Nina Ashton

Nina's interest in the Falkland Islands really began when she met and subsequently married Robert who served both on NP8901 in 1978 - 1979 and again on HMS Endurance prior to and during the conflict.  Her association increased further in 1986 when the couple moved to Stanley to live.  Robert worked as a Policeman before joinng Fisheries Protection, ultimately ending up at Falkland Farmers whilst she worked for Standard Chartered Bank in Stanley.  They remained in the Islands for 2½ years getting to know the people and the Islands well and still have many friends there.

Nina currently lives in Devon, with Robert, and works for Devon and Cornwall Police who are the supporting Force for Falkland Islands Police.  Other than 1986, she has been back to the Falkland Islands twice (but has still not seen as much of them as she would like) and to South Georgia once when she was able to see where Robert "did his bit" during the conflict.


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