Nina Ashton

My interest in the Falkland Islands really began when I met and subsequently married Robert who served both on NP8901 in 78-79 and again on HMS Endurance prior to and during the conflict. My association increased further in 1986 when Robert and I moved to Stanley to live. Robert worked as a Policeman before joining Fisheries Protection, ultimately ending up at Falkland Farmers whilst I worked for Standard Chartered Bank in Stanley. We remained in the Islands for 2 ½ years getting to know the people and the Islands well and we still have many friends there.

I currently live in Devon with Robert and work for Devon and Cornwall Police who are the supporting Force for Falkland Islands Police. Other than 1986, I have been back to the Falkland Islands twice (but have still not seen as much of it as I would like) and to South Georgia once when I was able to see where Robert “did his bit” during the conflict.

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