The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton BA, FRGS

My interest in the Falkland Islands really began when I renamed HMS ENDURANCE in 1968. She was the Falkland Island's guard ship and the Navy's ice patrol ship for many years. My interest increased when my father, Lord Shackleton, produced the 1976 and 1982 Reports on the Islands.He was the youngest child of Ernest Shackleton.

I have a History degree from Trinity College Dublin. I was Sponsor of HMS ENDURANCE for 23 years, Bob Turner was my last Captain. I am currently Sponsor of the BAS ship RRS Ernest Shackleton. I have been to the Falkland Islands 8 times, South Georgia 3 times & the Antarctic 4 times & I am a member of associated committees. I have spoken in many countries on Shackleton's leadership & been Patron of several Polar Expeditions.

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