Keith Angus

Keith went to John Collet Secondary school in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. After leaving school at 16 he applied to join the Army with the Royal Engineers (RE), he worked at the RAF Hospital Halton for 6 months in administration until he joined the army in January 1970.

He spent 15 months as a boy soldier at the Junior Tradesmen’s Regiment Rhyl and then went on to complete 35 years as a soldier in the RE. Keith was commissioned into the RE after reaching the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 in May 1994. He retired from the army in May 2007 where he was the Quartermaster at Chetwynd Barracks in Nottingham.

Keith completed four tours on the Falkland Islands during his time in the Army, the first was in 1994-1995 building a generation station on Mount Kent, this, and the fact that he had friends who served in the 1982 war prompted him to take an interest in the Islands.

Three further trips forged this interest, two constructing helicopter refuelling sights at Fox Bay and Hill Cove on the West Islands. The most memorable being his tour as assistant property manager for the military estate in 1999-2000. This was a 6-month tour where his duties were to inspect and maintain all of the military installations. During this time, he befriended many Islanders and has played host to them when they have visited the UK.

After retiring from the Army, he worked for the charity Sue Ryder in coordination, responsible for a fleet of vans and drivers for an area stretching from Catford, South London up to Chesterfield in Derby until he fully retired in 2020.

He lives with his wife Lesley, who has fully supported him since their wedding in 1975, in Nottingham and is an active member of the association and a military charity organisation, The Tommy Club.

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