Richard Tranter

Richard is Professor of Rural Economy at the University of Reading  and, for over 40 years, he has worked in the University’s Centre for Agricultural Strategy. Much of his work has been in the realms of agricultural policy, farm economics and farmer behaviour.

In 1969/70, he was sent to the Falklands by Voluntary Service Overseas to work as what was titled an Itinerant Camp Teacher. He was based in the North West of East Falkland moving every two weeks from San Carlos to Port San Carlos and then back again. When not teaching he helped out on the various farm tasks.

Richard’s wife Helen comes from a large farming family in Cumbria and, through them, he became involved with the Family Farmers’ Association; he has been on their committee for around 35 years.

Richard is still a keen cricketer and, in 2016, he acquired a 4 hectare wet field near Wargrave on Thames where he is now growing some 200 cricket-bat willows. One day, he hopes to play with a bat made from one of his trees!

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