Norma Edwards OBE

Former Councillor Norma Edwards served for almost twenty years on the Falkland Islands' Legislative Council and was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in recognition of her services to the Falklands community in the Queen's 80th Birthday Honours List in 2006.  She has spoken at FIA AGMs in the past and is an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker.

Norma is a Falkland Islander whose family epitomises the best qualities of the Islanders: hardwork, conscientiousness, and strength when defending the Falkland Islands, their values and democratic way of life.  She was educated in the Islands before going to the UK to train as a Nurse, she later became a hospital Sister.  She married Roger in 1970, who later volunteered for the Task Force in 1982.  Together they bought Lake Sullivan Farm on Fox Bay West in 1986.  They have two daughters, Emma who is also on the FIASC and Rebecca.

Her family is an example of how the Islanders have kept faith with the British Task Force and especially the servicemen who died in the liberation of the Islands from Argentine invasion in 1982.

Norma is an advocate for ensuring the Falkland Islander's right to self determination.

Source: Harold Briley, Merco Press, 17 June 2006 and Falkland Islands Government Website.

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