Dr. Deborah Davidson

Having just successfully completed her PhD in Marine Ecology, Deborah moved from her home in the northeast of Scotland to the Falkland Islands in May 2010 on a year’s contract as a Scientific Fisheries Observer, working for the Falkland Islands Government. She quickly fell in love with the Islands, and the work, and extended for another year. After spending a bit more time onshore in the second year and having more opportunity to explore and get to know the place and the people, she realised the Islands were “home” embracing the gorgeous Islands, the incredibly strong sense of community and the way of life. She subsequently worked for a newly established research institute in Stanley (the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute - SAERI), working there for over four years on various environmental projects. She now works for FIG again, in the Department of Mineral Resources. Deborah believes it is important to give back to the community, and therefore volunteers for various activities and organisations, and is a member of several Boards. 

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