John Maskell-Bott

John joined the FIA after forty years in the Royal Navy specialising in nuclear submarine propulsion.  Indeed, he first saw the Falkland Islands in 1983 from the casing of HMS Spartan for all of five minutes before the cold drove him back to the warmth below!  Twenty years later, he and his wife, Sarah, were sent there by the Navy for a one-year appointment in Commander British Forces'(CBF) HQ.  That appointment turned into eighteen months and was followed by a further five years as the Civil / Milirary Liason Officer based in Stanley.  They have travelled extensively around the Falklands, both privately and professionally (escorting CBF on farm visits) including all but one of the inhabited islands. They became Falkland Islanders in 2008.  Although Sarah's ongoing health checks have prevented them running their planned mini lodge; they have homes in both the UK and FI, travelling every equinox to maintain summer!

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